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Crystal Grids

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Course Description:

The course is based on the energy of love, also called the Zero-point energy. This love will transform all the bodies, cells and consciousness.
Through the act of simple kinesiology, you will learn to balance body – mind and spirit, using these simple but powerful tools.
The course is based on the Visionary Energy Healing crystals.
The kinesiology academy has created all the balancing protocols.
The course can be attended both in Copenhagen and as an online course.

Please contact : Mette Pedersen Kinesiologi.mette@post3.tele.dk


  • You can take this course, as a private person, a practitioner and as a kinesiologiest.
  • You will learn a simple test if you have not before hand been acquainted with kinesiology.

“Kinesiologiest are of-cause welcome to use their advanced test methods.”

The course is 8 hours.

Price : $280

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