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Khafre/Chephren ®

Khafre/Chephren ®

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Product Description

Our largest Master Crystal is large enough to encompass an entire building. It weighs in at 1 kilogram and comes with a Visionary Energy Coin. Like with our two smaller Master Crystals, the Coin is needed to stabilize the all-encompassing Zero Point Energy. This stabilization makes the energy easier for our bodies to absorb and process.

Even though it only weighs approximately 2 lbs, a Master Crystal of this size has an energy field radius of 45 meters, or 131 feet — perfect for encompassing a large church or an office building.

The Zero Point or Life Energy enters the Master Crystal from the surrounding environment like a lightning rod, and releases it into the surrounding area. The Master Crystal never needs to be cleansed or re-charged, because it’s always “plugged in” to Zero Point Energy, also known as “Chi” or “Prana”.

The coin further stabilizes the energy from the Master Cryster, making it easier for our bodies to tune into the energy for good health, clearer mental focus and happiness.

Benefits of the Master Crystal + Coin:

Balances emotions of everyone and everything in the building
Clears stagnant energy from the building
Shields against negative and harmful energy
Provides an atmosphere of peace and harmony
Helps everyone and everything in the building to have a deep sense of well-being.

Suggested Uses:

Place the Coin next to the Master Crystal, on a flat surface
Place them in the center of the building, or as close to the center as possible
Place it in a certain area of the building, if the energy feels out of balance


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