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Visionary energy wands


Visionary energy wands

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Product Description

The main purpose of these crystal wands is to collect and direct energy. These crystal wands are special because they act as directors of Zero Point Energy! They constantly tap into Zero Point Energy from the environment, and never need to be recharged or cleansed.

The long extended shape of the wand and the points on both ends make it easy for the healing energy to transmit through the wand, and sent directly to your chakras, or any specific part of the body that needs balanced or re-energized.

Specifically, the crystal wands will help you with…

  • Concentrating Zero Point Energy to specific parts of the body
  • Harmonizing all parts of your body
  • Aligning your chakras
  • Working through and banishing stagnant energy from your body
  • Shielding against negative and harmful energy
  • Relieving physical pain
  • Getting a good night’s sleep
  • Achieving an overall feeling of peace and wellbeing


Suggested Uses:

Point the crystal wand at the part of your body that needs healing and/or pain relief for at least 10 minutes.

The can also be used as a “diagnostic” tool to see where the issues lie. Just run the end of the wand along your energy field (about 6 inches away from your body), and if it feels “thick” or gets stuck through a certain area, this is where you need to concentrate the healing energy.


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